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We are a full service boutique literary agency specializing in internationally successful front-list adult and young adult fiction and non-fiction, with clients at the top of the New York Times and London Sunday Times lists. As a boutique agency, we are proud to be able to maintain strong relationships and work closely with our authors at all stages of the publishing process.

Since 1988 we have built our reputation as an internationally respected agency on the belief that our clients, and their concerns, are paramount. There is more to being a literary agent than merely ‘sealing the deal’, and we pride ourselves on our experience in working editorially with our authors when necessary before taking them to market — a process that can make the difference between just any offer, and a terrific offer!

We welcome email submissions as per our Submissions Guidelines; no snail mail, drop-in or phone queries please.

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January 15th, 2015

Mastermans newest book: rave review from NYT

Janet Maslin of The New York Times loves Becky Masterman’s second Brigid Quinn novel Fear The Darkness as much as she loved her debut Rage Against The Dying!

Maslin writes, “Fear the Darkness” [is] another strong display of the author’s ingenuity. This novel is no replay of the first….

“Ms. Masterman once again shows herself to be an expert manipulator of readers’ expectations. She also slyly changes the way some of her characters are perceived as the story moves along, and she’s particularly good at slipping those changes past notice.

“As for where she’s ready to take this carefully constructed book, her research gives the best answer: She has consulted experts in drowning, toxicology, radiology, pacemaker identification, clean sheet maggots, forensics, guns, martial arts, the logistics of mass homicide and the society fund-raiser. As for how she knows about Arizona’s $10,000 fine for killing a cactus, she’s not saying.”

Congratulations, Becky! See Maslin’s full review here.

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