Bruce Holsinger’s second John Gower novel, The Invention of Fire (HarperCollins) is out today in the UK.

The author of the acclaimed historical thriller A Burnable Book once again brings medieval London alive in all its colour and detail in a riveting novel that imagines the beginnings of gun violence in the Western world.

Click here to listen to Bruce discuss the medieval world of both A Burnable Book and The Invention of Fire on the NPR show “Here and Now”.

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The Siege Winter (William Morrow) by Samantha Norman and Ariana Franklin is now out in the US!

England, 1141. The countryside is devastated by a long civil war that has left thousands dead, with no clear winner. Emma is the eleven-year-old redheaded daughter of a peasant family. When mercenaries pass through their town, they bring with them a monk with a deadly interest in young redheaded girls. Left for dead in a burned-out church,

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