Linda Holeman’s The Devil on her Tongue out this week!

We’re pleased to announce that the spectacular new book from Linda Holeman is out this week from Random House Canada!

The Devil on her Tongue is a spellbinding story of loss, romance and betrayal set in 18th-century Portugal.

Diamantina is 13 when her father, a Dutch sailor, abandons her and her African-born mother and sets off for the New World. Unbaptized, tainted by her mother’s witchcraft and her foreign blood, the girl is an outcast who seems doomed in her struggle to survive. Diamantina’s odyssey to change her life is a sweeping narrative of starvation and plenty, cruelty and love, disaster and triumph.

Says Holeman about this particular writing journey, “I didn’t know I was going to write this novel set in Portugal until I was travelling through it. For me, the joy in exploring a country is to have few plans, instead traversing its roads and exploring its cities and towns and countryside without expectations, looking, listening, tasting, touching… It was a place of peace and wonder, with only the smell of the ocean, the soft taste of the salty wind on my lips, and the evocative sound of seabirds circling restlessly overhead. I felt a kind of reverence as I stared at the sea… and in those moments the first nudging images of my next story came to me.”

To learn more about the novel, watch the video here, narrated by Linda herself. Keep up-to-date with more book news and events on Twitter, @LindaHoleman, or via Linda’s blog on Goodreads.

Linda will be reading at IFOA Weekly on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 7:30 PM along with fellow authors Emma Healey and Tom Rachman. For more information, please click here.